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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Ethereal Path

The Ethereal Path
By Christopher M.

The feeling in my gut,
Before ascending through the brume,
Of which I’m sure will abscond soon,
Is not without its glow,
And not without its gloom.

The uncertain path ahead,
Is affluent with hindrances.
Where miners seek diamonds,
And beggars seek aliment;
I seek the ethereal.

I may kick over the traces,
And keep my language abstruse,
I may put on disparate faces,
But while my qualms will wade,
I’ll never lie to you.

And when our hearts are pure,
And no longer caliginous,
We’ll rake over the coals,
With fires in our souls;
Becoming to each other indigenous. 


Robert S. said...

Chris, you're work is truly incredible. Bravo. - RS

Greg Sarici said...

What inspired this? I get the feeling a love interest? Either way beautifully done.

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