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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Gays & The VIP

"I'm not always gay but when I'm am, I prefer dos tops. Stay horny my friends."

The Gays & The VIP

VIP = Very Influential Phenomenon

            When we consider the microcosm of gay nightlife culture we have to bring up the VIP. Why are homosexuals so easily influenced by the VIP status? Why do feel we deserve the treatment of a celebrity when we show up to a club with our posse? Does bringing people to a club automatically mean we should get a table and a bottle?

            Let’s get one thing straight in this very gay article, bringing people to a club is great for business but when all of your people are drinking out of OUR bottle for free how do you think that helps the venue? Should we be honored by your presence? Unfortunately, we are not anymore. Today the concern of clubs and bars is more about bar sales than having your pretty face there. Sure we want pretty faces in the bar because that can bring more people (dollars) into the venue but we can’t afford to fit you and all your friends in the venue for free. This is not 1953, you’re not at the Sands Hotel/Casino and you are not Frank Sinatra.

            So how did VIP become so prominent in gay culture? I’ll tell you how, groupthink. We were influenced by seeing others get VIP and started to think like them. When we saw the qualifications for VIP we automatically assumed we should be granted VIP status. This phenomenon has spread throughout gay nightlife culture. Oh and when someone gets a “NAME” forget it. The venue might as well pre-order the red carpet before they arrive; they’re going to need it.

            Did you remember that club owners, promoters and the staff that run this beast (otherwise known as your playground) need to make an income as well? For the VIP our welfare is at the bottom of their list.

The VIP’s list may look a bit like this:

1. I DO NOT do LINES (unless they are on a table).
2. My name is ALWAYS on the list.
3. Umm drink tickets while I WAIT for my bottle/table?
4. Where’s my BOTTLE bitch?
5. Get that motha fuckin’ table ready NOW!
6. Umm can you get these very NON-VIP-EY people out of my area?
7. Drink tickets?

            Now if that list didn’t annoy you (even in the slightest) you probably have a personality disorder or hopelessly suffer from hysterical VIP disorder.

-Chris Ryan


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